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What is ATACMS?

In short, ATACMS™ is a missile that can precisely hit targets deep behind enemy lines.

Why send ATACMS to Ukraine?

Ukraine needs long-range missiles to hit enemy ammunition depots, logistics hubs, command centers and airfields further behind the front line.

300 km
Precision Guidance
500 lb

This is urgent!

Ukrainians are dying every day while Russia fires rockets and missiles with impunity. Ukraine must be able to match the capability of the enemy in order to stop them.

Can we do it?

- Neighboring allies can quickly transfer these missiles
- Targets can be authorized by allies before striking
- Ukraine already has the launchers for short range missiles
- Missiles are ultimately cheaper than the massive cost of human life

How can I help?

Call your government representatives and let them know that you support sending ATACMS to Ukraine.
Be brief and let them know this is an urgent matter.

Frequently asked questions

What does ATACMS stand for?
ATACMS stands for Army Tactical Missile System.
How do you pronounce ATACMS?
You can pronounce it like "attack-ems".
Does it work?
ATACMS was used with great success during Operation Desert Storm.
Who has ATACMS?
The United States, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, South Korea, Turkey, Romania, Poland, and Greece.